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Yvo Manuel Vas Dias
Yvo Manuel Vas Dias

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Yvo Manuel Vas Dias is a buddhist with a Jewish background, casemanager and public relations manager.

For 5 years he was as a social worker. When he finished his work as a social worker he became a public relations manager for buddhist, lgbt, transgender, art, museum organizations and networks

He was a member of the board "casemanager and public relations manager" for a buddhist and transgender organizations.

Since 2005 he is the founder, casemanager and public relations manager of The workgroup transgender, religion, philosophy of life and ethics. The goal of the workgroup is to build a bridge between religious transgenders, transsexuals of all faith and the different religions.
For the workgroup he has carried out research among transgenders in the Netherland.


The research entitled “A helping hand” shows that during the transprocess, help is not always automatically given, but also not in all cases impossible to receive from religion. Within the Christian religion, in which most of the people who were interviewed were raised, there is often very little openness towards sex changes or people who do not feel completely that they are a man or a woman.

Processes of change are sometimes seriously delayed by the often unwilling attitude of religious leaders. Some of the people questioned ultimately find their way within the Christian religion or succeed in starting a dialogue with the church, and others seek support in spiritual movements such as Buddhism. The research shows the necessity of more dialogue and build up of knowledge about transsexuals, transgenders and religion.

In 2008 he set up Transgender Religion Global Network - Transgender Friendly Religious Alliance, International Transgender Buddhist Sangha, International Network for Transgenders with a Jewish Background, International Network for Transgender and Art.

Since 2009 he is the founder of The Heritage and Art Protector and Network for Heritage and Art a International and Dutch network for cultural heritage and art. 

In 2012 and 2013 he set up the International Transgender Information Network, The World of the Transman, LGBTQ Amsterdam
and TransAmsterdam.

More about his transgender and religion work:


More about his Heritage and Art work:



Build a bridge between people, give advice and lecture on transgender and religion, buddhism, transgender issues, heritage and art, organize festivals and workshops, public relations and communications.

01:58 - 5/2/2013

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